How does Kino's perspective change throughout The Pearl?  

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After Kino discovers the Pearl of the World, he fantasizes about creating a better life for his family. He pictures a beautiful wedding ceremony, new possessions, and an education for Coyotito. Kino essentially views the pearl as a vehicle to dramatically improve his family's situation and attaches all of his hopes, dreams, and aspirations to the pearl. As the story progresses, the pearl dealers in town are all unwilling to pay Kino for what the magnificent pearl is actually worth. He is then attacked several times by anonymous thieves and Juana recognizes that the pearl is evil. She even attempts to throw it back into the ocean but Kino assaults her before she is able to get rid of the pearl. Even after Kino kills a thief in self-defense and forces his family to flee their village, he refuses to abandon the pearl and has faith that it will make his wildest...

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