How does the stoning in "The Lottery" represent figurative killing in our society? 1) mentally, 2) emotionally, 3) spiritually, 4) physically? explain   The Lottery by Shirly Jackson

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In our modern society we rarely get together and decide to kill someone.  However, we do act in groups in ways that victimize other people.  A good example of this is social media.  Often groups of people, sometimes huge groups, will comment on someone or send messages to someone that are very cruel.

In “The Lottery” the villagers literally stone one person a year to death.  In our society, we regularly destroy people’s lives in less literal ways. You can mess with someone’s head and cause the person to have a mental breakdown.  Emotional abuse can turn people into shells of themselves.  Religious persecution can kill someone spiritually, but so can persecution and unfair treatment in general.  People sometimes turn away from their religion in times of intense pain.  Even physical abuse can lead a person to withdraw and lose his or her self.

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