• How does Kevin prove to Max he is not a "butthead"? How does Kevin help Max learn how to read and write?
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    Maxwell Kane is a big, clumsy boy who is enrolled in the learning disabled classes at his school. As a self-conscious pubescent boy, he calls himself a butthead. The L.D. classes are not helping because of the stigma that is associated with them. Once Max is planted in those classes, he feels like he has been labeled dumb for life. It is his friend Kevin, however, who teaches him that learning is fun, words are not scary, and believing in someone can work wonders.

    First of all, Kevin actually keeps a dictionary with him most of the time. In chapter 8, he teaches Max how to use one. The first word Kevin has Max lookup is "archetype" so he can learn why Kevin refers to dragons as such. Max is confused by the first definition and Kevin says:

    "You're hopeless. Pattern is the first definition. I was referring to the second definition, which is more interesting. 'A universal symbol or idea in the psyche, expressed in...

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