How is Kevin Franklin changed by his extended time in the nineteenth century?

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mlsldy3 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Kevin and Dana Franklin have an unconventional marriage even for 1976. They have experienced racism, but nothing compared to what they see when they travel back in time. Kevin and Dana love each other very much. They have struggled to be together. On page 52 Dana describes the kindred spirit they both have: "I think Kevin was as lonely and out of place as I was when I met him." This is how Dana describes the loneliness they both had felt and how that went away when they found each other.

When Kevin is left in the past, Dana is very concerned that the mentality of the south will rub off on him. Even though for Dana, Kevin is only gone for eight days, for Kevin he is there for five years. When they come back to the present time, Dana can tell Kevin has had a rough time. When Kevin comes back, modern appliances and luxuries seem to be foreign and alien to him. After what he saw being done to the slaves, these things seem almost frivolous to him. It is then that we find out what Kevin went through. He worked his way farther and farther up north. After the horrible things he has seen being done to the slaves, he works to free them. He also works as a teacher.

He is disappointed when he doesn't feel happy at home. He becomes distant and angry. He is also angry at Dana for making him lose dive years of his life. It takes him a while, but he eventually returns to the husband Dana loves.

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