How does Keats comment on the flawed nature of the seemingly flawless scenes depicted on the urn?

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Contemplation of the urn leads Keats to recognize the flawed nature of the flawless scenes shown in the "marble" figured base relief on the urn. The "bride of quietness" though flawless is flawed because she is the unnatural "foster-child of silence." The flawless melodies of the piper are flawed because they have "no tone," no audible music. The groom, "Bold Lover," forever bold and in love is flawed because he can "never, never" kiss the bride of his passion. Keats offers consolation for the groom's flawed flawlessness by saying that his love for the bride will never die and she always will "be fair."

Flawlessness is seen in the woods that will never shed leaves nor see "Spring" end. Flawlessness is in the "unwearied" musicians whose songs will never grow old. Flawlessness is seen in the "more happy, happy love" that will remain "warm" "panting" and "young." A flaw in these parts of the wedding scene is difficult to see unless it is the implied flaw that, since these elements do not live and breathe and feel, the absence of "breathing human passion" is something to regret and mourn. Perhaps this note of mournfulness is Keats' acknowledgement of the funereal purpose of the urn.

The flawless little town is flawed by being "desolate" because the townspeople will never return to it and will tell no tales. Like the bride, the town's "streets for evermore / Will silent be." Keats concludes his ode by suggesting that the flawless "Cold Pastoral!" of marble base relief (cold to the touch), which "shalt remain, in midst of other woe," is flawed because its frozen, unconsummated flawlessness is the woe that it will carry throughout time.

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