How is Katsa a modern day heroine?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

With great relevancy, the narrative of Graceling is concerned with the abuse of power and exploitation of people. When Katsa learns that her uncle King Randa makes her world more difficult and corrupts it, she exhibits strong moral principles and fights for justice and equality. Having formed a secret organization called The Council after learning of further corruption, especially that of King Leck of Monsea who has kidnapped the Leinid grandfather of Prince Greening (known as Po) Katsa dedicates herself to fighting for those who have been wronged by corrupt rulers. The subsequent chapters record her accomplishments; for instance,

In her very first mission, Katsa intercepted a small company of midnight looters that the Estilan king had set on his own people, and sent them fleeing into the hills. It was the happiest and headiest moment of her life.

Through the experience Katsa learns that her Grace is not killing, but skills for survival. Heroically, she faces her uncle King Randa and his army, declaring that she will no longer obey him because she now realizes his cruelty. Together with Po, Katsa travels through the Monsean forest where they witness King Leck shooting Ashen, his wife and aunt of Po. King Leck asserts that the killing is accidental; however, before Ashen dies she signals to Po that her daughter Princess Bitterblue hides in the forest. Po and Katsa then rescue Bitterblue and take her away to Lienid. Further, Leck escapes Po's attempt on his life, precedes them to Lienid and holds the people in his mind-controlling power. But the heroine Katsa uses her Grace of survival, struggles with him, finally impaling the evil Leck with her dagger. With Leck gone, Bitterblue can be coronated and her kingdom freed. For, at her coronation, there is a disruption, but Queen Bitterblue kindly nods and smiles softly.

After that, word passed through the crowd that the young queen was kindhearted, and not one to punish small mistakes. 

Force is no longer needed, and Katsa and her Council have greatly contributed to this peace.

udonbutterfly | Student

The typical characteristics of a modern day hero are acts of kindness, strength, and courage. Modern day hero's would probably be described as those actively seeking change in their time as well as leading people towards that goal. Katsa is a perfect example of a modern day hero! Although she has been regarded as a puppet for uncles purposes, deemed with the grace of Death, she unlearns this thinking and grows confidence in herself. As Katsa grew confidence in her self so did her defiance in the monarchy. Katsa becomes a head of the consul, leader of a revolution seeking to dethrone unjust kings, Katsa evens saves the princess, (Lecks daughter) by trekking over killer mountains so that, that kingdom may rise again in the future. Katsa is most definitely a modern hero.

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