Sorrow-Acre Questions and Answers
by Isak Dinesen

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How is justice represented in "Sorrow-Acre"? More specifically, what purpose do the imagery and detailed aspects of the setting (including weather and geographic location) have in determining the characters' understanding of justice?

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Dinesen represents justice in the idea of total commitment to something larger than one's sense of self.  Dinesen suggests as much with the idea of "to die for the one you love."  This condition of commitment in a world that might not fully embrace it is part of where justice lies.  Anne-Marie Pul works herself to death in "Sorrow-Acre ."  It is through this sense of sacrifice that she suffers and commits herself to her beliefs.  Through this, justice is understood.  Even when Adam and his Uncle debate the merits of justice through honoring one's word or going back on it, the naturalist...

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