How does Junior view God in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian?

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At several points, Junior views God with anger in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. After Eugene, the friend of Junior's father, is shot, Junior is overcome with grief. He searches for answers in the writings of Euripides, who wrote that to lose one's land is to lose everything. As a response to the loss not only of Eugene but to the greater losses that Native Americans have suffered, Junior writes, "More than anything, I wanted to kill God" (page 173).

Junior also believes that God is a type of cosmic jokester who likes to play jokes on people. After his basketball team at Reardan, a mostly white team, beats Wellpinit, the team that his friends such as Rowdy and other Native Americans from the reservation play on, Junior says, "But God has a way of making things even out, I guess" (page 196). He says this because Reardan goes on to lose the championships, which makes them cry the same way that the players on Wellpinit did when they lost. Junior generally believes that God can intervene in his life in very direct ways. When he imagines his dad having an accident in his car, Junior says, "Please, God, please don't kill my daddy" (page 203). He thinks that God is immersed in the details of his life. 

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