How does Junior change throughout the story and how does he grow?

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The beginning of Junior’s growth process is marked by his decision to change schools. Despite his mixed feelings, he understands that better educational opportunities will be crucial to his ability to negotiate society off the reservation.

Both in academic and personal terms, Junior faces challenges at his new school, where he is not only unique as a minority but also does not know anyone. His willingness to try new things and his budding friendship with Gordy are two important aspects of his growth. He also begins to consider himself, at least potentially, as an athlete. Further, he gets a crush on a girl, which is not merely a typical adolescent experience because she is white.

Back home, Junior also undergoes changes as his relationship with his lifelong friend, Rowdy, is at first badly damaged by his decision to change schools, then by his absence, and then by their competition at basketball. Later in the novel, the situation turns even more serious after his sister dies. This loss...

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