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tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The dictionary defines the word "dynamic" as one who is energetic; however, in literature, that also refers to a character whose personality or responsibilities change over the course of the story. Sometimes a dynamic character may change physically, but it is usually a drastic change in circumstances, or as mentioned above, personality or philosophy that makes a character dynamic. Juliet, then, is dynamic because she starts out as a typical Elizabethan girl subject to the decisions of her father; but, she ends up going against all she was brought up to be and do in the name of Romeo or love. She takes charge of her own life, for example, by telling Romeo that she won't "be" with him unless he is going to marry her. With this decision, she stands by what she believes and shows confidence. On the other hand, one could argue that she changes for the worse because after making strong decisions, she eventually succumbs to her troubles and becomes weak-minded and irrational. Eventually, she can't figure out what to do without Friar Lawrence's advice and help; and, she finally becomes impulsive by playing dead and then committing suicide.