How does Julia’s personality make her attitude different?  

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Though Julia pretends to be an ardent follower of the Party's doctrine, she secretly stands in opposition to the Party's values. In reality, she has a lively personality, and she relishes the many human joys denied by Big Brother (such as sex for pleasure's sake). However, she's also quite clever, and this is an important detail. Since she's so smart, Julia is able to adopt a fake attitude of obedience and loyalty to Big Brother, while she secretly opposes everything Big Brother stands for. As such, Julia has a complex attitude that is absent in many of George Orwell's other characters: while other characters in 1984 are either rebellious or blindly loyal to the Party, Julia cultivates a complex attitude of rebellion hidden beneath the appearance of fervent loyalty. For the most part, Julia's lively and intelligent personality helps her to achieve this delicate balance. 

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