How does the judicial branch affect me?

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The judiciary is one of the three arms of the federal government in the United States. It plays the role of arbitration in both civil and criminal suits. It applies and interprets laws created or passed by the legislature. Through its application and interpretation of the law, the judiciary creates what is known as jurisprudence or precedence in handling future similar cases.

The judicial branch ensures that the law applies equally to all within a particular jurisdiction. The judiciary in certain jurisdictions has the power to review laws that are deemed inconsistent or contradictory to supreme laws, such as those of natural justice or those found in the constitution.

The judicial branch should be a matter of concern for all individuals, because it determines how cases are resolved. It also ensures that everyone is accorded justices and that individual rights are upheld by all under its jurisdiction. Thus, a strong judiciary ensures equality and fairness under the law.

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The judicial branch affects us in several ways. The judicial branch is the branch of our government that interprets the meaning of our laws.

The judicial branch impacts us because it protects us from laws that might violate the Constitution. When a court is asked to review a law, it must determine if the law is constitutional, meaning that it doesn’t violate the principles of the Constitution. You may be attending a school that is or was under a court order to desegregate. For many years, the courts ruled that separate but equal public facilities were legal. However, in 1954, in the Brown v Board of Education case, the Supreme Court ruled that separate but equal schools were illegal. Many schools were then ordered to desegregate.

The judicial branch also hears certain cases. You may be asked to be a juror for a court case. This is one of the responsibilities of being a citizen. The judicial branch will also determine what the punishment is for a person who broke the law. It may determine the damages a person has to pay if that person has harmed another person in some way. It may also determine if a person has to go to jail for breaking a law and for how long.

The judicial branch plays a very important role in our lives.

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