How is Joshua's religion like that of the Pharisees?

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Just like the pharisees Joshua does contrary to his belief,for instance,instead of him forgiving Muthoni for having gone to be circumcised he becomes furious and disowns her and also instead of him preaching and trying to bring about unity among his people he shows hate for those who don't adhere to his religion.

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Just like the Pharisees Joshua practised the laws of the bilble without love and forgiveness for his fellow men. This is seen by the way he sends his daughters away when they disobey him

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The Pharisees were proud of themselves and they thought that they were the only holy people. The Scriptures told them to love all people, but they despised the underprivileged, looking down on them as sinners. Joshua is like them in that he hates his own tribe instead of trying to help them change their ways. He also believes that because the people of Kameno still followed the traditional way of life, they were sinners.