How is Jonathan different from when he left?  

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At the end of the story Jonathan returns to his old flock, but he has changed greatly from the young gull he was when he left. He now is much freer and wiser than he ever was before. He enjoys the freedom that flying gives him and is not ashamed of it. He has become unlimited in his thoughts and feelings as a result of the teaching of Old Chiang. The last words of his old master were to keep working on love. He shows this to his old flock through his attitude and actions once he returns. Jonathan is pleased to teach the eager young gulls of the Breakfast Flock what he knows. He has now become a teacher of all the wisdom that he had learned during his time in exile. He is less self-absorbed than he was as a younger gull. Most importantly, he has learned to forgive the members of the flock for banishing him. He has learned to love all gulls, even the ones who treated him so poorly. In short, Jonathan is more enlightened than he was before.

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