How is John Proctor a dynamic character in The Crucible?

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In many ways, John Proctor is a dynamic Tragic Hero akin to the likes of Creon and Oedipus. He is upstanding, virtuous, and well liked by his community. However, he is far from removed from the realm of human error. This fatal error is Proctor's preoccupation with Abigail Williams. She is selfish, morally vacuous, and at times even seemingly outright malevolent. Nonetheless, Proctor finds her magnetic and cannot overcome his lust for her. Abigail's jealousy for his wife is what sets the tragic events of The Crucible in motion.

Proctor's change occurs when he goes from a man who is largely concerned with public appearances to one that is concerned with his own spirit. At first, Proctor plays an immense part in Abigail's machinations by refusing to admit to his adultery out of fear of public opinion. Once he is finally ready to give the truth, it is far too late, as the hysteria and hatred have blazed out of control to the point that even the truth is useless to stop them.

In the end,...

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