How is John intellectually and emotionally different from the people in Huxley's Brave New Wolrld?

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tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

John the Savage is different intellectually because he has had a different education than those in the New World. He has read the Bible and Shakespeare, both of which are books that are considered old and out of date according to Mustafa Mond, the Controller. The ideas he acquired from his readings discuss human feelings, emotions, and ideas that have been long since rejected. John is a replica of an old age never to be remembered by the full populace since such books are kept from them by the Controllers. Emotionally, John is different because he has suffered physical and emotional pain in his life whereas the people of the New World have only known happiness and self-indulgence. Everything is openly given to the people of this world, whereas John had to fight for everything he needed in life, whether that was love from his mother, acceptance in the reservation, or basic survival needs like food. The people of the New World know nothing of pain and suffering and that plays a big part in John not being able to connect or join them.

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