How did Mrs. Johansen, Annemarie, and Ellen get to Uncle Henrik's house in Number the Stars by Lois Lowry?

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Number the Stars is a novel written by Lois Lowry about a young girl named Annemarie Johansen and her experiences during World War II. Annemarie lives with her family in Copenhagen, Denmark. During this time, Nazi officers are relocating Jewish citizens.

One of Annemarie's best friends, Ellen Rosen, is a young Jewish girl whose family is trying to avoid being relocated by German soldiers. Ellen's parents must leave town to visit relatives, and Ellen moves in with the Johansen family. After German soldiers visit the Johansen household, Mrs. Johansen, Annemarie, and Ellen make plans to go stay with Annemarie's uncle Henrik. Uncle Henrik is the brother of Mrs. Johansen and is a fisherman.

Annemarie's father calls Henrik on the phone to say that he is sending his wife and one carton of cigarettes. This is code to signal that Ellen will be joining Annemarie and his wife.

In order to get to Henrik's house, the ladies must take a train ride. They take the train to Gilleleje and then must walk along a path through the woods rather than walking along the road. After walking through the woods, they arrive at Henrik's house in a clearing just beyond the woods.

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In Chapter Six, Mrs. Johansen, Annemarie, and Ellen take the train to Uncle Henrik's house in Gilleleje. When they step off the train at the station, they have to walk about two miles to Uncle Henrik's house.

As it is a nice day, Mrs. Johansen suggests they take the path through the woods; all three make their way to the outskirts of the village on foot. Along the way, Mrs. Johansen shows the girls where her Aunt Gitte and her best friend, Helena, used to live. Soon, they come to a dirt path leading into the woods. Mrs. Johansen tells the girls this is where her faithful dog, Trofast, used to wait for her every afternoon after school. Upon emerging from the woods, they then come upon a 'meadow dotted with cows.' As they walk along the path that skirts the edge of the field, they can see beyond to the sea.

More walking eventually takes the women into the woods again. Mrs. Johansen and the girls are relieved to eventually come to Uncle Henrik's home in a clearing just beyond the woods.

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