How does All My Sons present the relationship between men and women (main theme of the play)?

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On the surface, the role of women in All My Sons is fairly conventional. Women such as Kate Keller are confined to supportive roles as wives and mothers. To a large extent, they only live their lives through their children and their husbands; there's no sense that Kate has any real existence of her own. As a conventionally loyal and faithful wife, she willingly supports her husband despite knowing the full story about the faulty cylinder heads. In doing so, she refuses to confront the possibility that her beloved son Larry may have been killed as a result of her husband's greed.

Yet in the end, Kate becomes the voice of truth, getting Joe to face up to the moral consequences of his actions. It seems that Kate has finally realized that the patriarchal system to which she's given such outward obedience, and whose values she's internalized, is responsible for the immense suffering that has descended upon her family.

It seems there are two topics within your question: relations between men and...

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