How does All My Sons present the relationship between men and women (main theme of the play)?

Expert Answers
teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In All My Sons, the relationship between Joe and Kate Keller is one based on lies, unquestioned support, blind faith.  Kate has known all along about Joe's dishonesty, and even though she has witnessed the horrible injustices that have resulted from Joe's actions, she has kept his secret for many years.  She has tried to have faith that her husband has made the right decision, and Joe has expected her as his wife to keep his confidence.  Likewise, Kate is the only person who truly believes that Larry will some day come home, and although Chris and Joe are ready to accept the likelihood that Larry is dead, they maintain the facade of belief to spare Kate's feelings.  So the relationship between the two is one based on insincerity.