How does Jing-Mei's attitude toward her mother change in the final chapter of The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan?

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In the final chapter of The Joy Luck Club, the main character, Jing-mei, chooses to embrace and take on her mother's Chinese identity. Jing-mei is attempting to write her mother's story. She is battling a cultural gap throughout the story, as she was raised in the US and her mother was raised in China. Jing-mei describes her dislike for her mother's Chinese culture growing up. As a teenager, Jing-mei leaned into assimilation and resisted her mother's Chinese teachings. She didn't understand her mother's way of life and preferred to spend her time with her white friends. As an adult, Jing-mei begins to want to learn more about her heritage and her mother's life. Throughout the novel, Jing-mei attempts to reconcile this gap and gain a closer understanding of her mother. She does just that when she travels to China and meets her half-sisters. Here she narrows the gap and brings the two worlds together.

In the final chapter she states,

The minute our train leaves the Hong Kong border and...

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