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What a great book with amazing character development! Scout doesn't really seem to fit in among the Southern community of proper young girls. Scout is definitely a "tomboy," very confident, and strong. She will stand up for herself and her family. She always means well, but sometimes her quick mouth and fight for justice gets her into trouble. She is exposed to a lot of evil at such a young age and this forces her maturity level to be much higher than others her age. She is very smart and is full of compassion.

While Scout is more of an extrovert, Jem is definitely an introvert. He is reaching a confusing time in his life (puberty) while witnessing a trial that leaves a lasting impression on him. He holds his head high throughout town and stands by his father's word through and through. He has the ability to see and understand inequalities around him and feels confident in standing up for those that can't do it for themselves. Jem takes the more quiet and calm approach compared to Scout.

Both children stand tall in different ways. Although they have both seen such evil when they were young and it is hard for them to see the good in people right away, they know it's there.

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