How is Jean Valjean from Les Miserables like Jesus Christ, or can parallels between the two be formed?

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There are absolutely parallels that can be drawn between Jesus and Jean Valjean. The most obvious one is the merciful nature with which they both treat other people, particularly those who were mistreated or overlooked. Jean Valjean does this with Fontine. He takes care of her lavishly, despite her societal station.

Jesus shows his merciful nature constantly. Perhaps one of the best stories to illustrate this is when Jesus was brought a woman who had committed adultery. He showed her kindness and bid her to move forward with her life in purity.

Though there are significant differences between the two, they both demonstrate that kindness. One key difference is that Jesus is without mistake. His mercy comes with his perfection, while Jean Valjean is shown mercy in the beginning of the book after his many mistakes. This demonstration is what inspires him to show kindness to others.

A previous contributor has already provided a lot of information as to Valjean's Christlike qualities. There is...

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