How does Janette deal with her grief in "The Two Offers"?

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After ten years apart, the cousins Janette and Laura have been reunited at the latter's deathbed. During that time, Janette has lived an independent life, pursuing a career as a writer. Laura, on the other hand, has been trapped in an unhappy marriage to an alcoholic gambling addict. The marriage is loveless, and it is notable that Laura's husband doesn't make an appearance at her bedside as she spends her final hours on earth in the bosom of her family.

Years earlier, Janette had advised her cousin to decline the two offers of marriage she'd received. But Laura was so anxious to avoid the fate of so many of her class and end up as an old maid, that she ignored Janette's advice and succumbed to the flattery of a handsome, but wholly...

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