How is Jack presented to the reader in Chapter one of "Lord of the Flies"?

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In "Lord of The Flies," chapter 1 page 18, we meet Jack Merridew.  He is leading a group of boys which the reader learns is the "choir."  The leader of this group is Jack.  He is described as,

"The boy who controlled them was dressed the same way though his cap badge was golden.  When his party was about ten yards from the platform he shouted an order and they halted, gasping, sweating, swaying in the fierce light.  The boy himself came forward, vaulted on to the platform with his cloak flying, and peered into what to him was almost complete darkness. "Where's the man with the trumpet?"

"Ralph sensing his sun-blindness, answered him. "There is no man with a trumpet. Only me.

"Ruffle-haired, blue-eyed, thin, bony, freckle-faced, ugly, is taller than Ralph. Before arriving on the island, he had been choirmaster and right away leads the black-cloaked boys in military style along the beach. "

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