How is Jack envious of Ralph in "Lord of the Flies"?use examples and specific quotes to show proof

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luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first time Jack shows that he is envious of Ralph is right after the boys congregate for the first time since the crash.  They boys decide to hold a vote and Ralph wins despite Jack's assertion before the vote that because he was head boy and chapter chorister, he should be chief.  The text reads: ....and the freckles on Jack's face disappeared under a blush of mortification."  Another instance of Jack's envy being brought out is in chapter 4 after Jack and his hunters let the fire go out and miss a chance of being rescued when a ship passes by the island.  Ralph berated Jack and uncharacteristically, Jack apologized thus gaining some respect from the boys.  When Ralph tells them to build another fire as he stands staring at the ashes from the previous fire. "So Ralph asserted his chieftainship and could not have chosen a better way if he had thought for days.  Jack was powerless and raged without knowing why."  Another time is in chapter 11, though this is more subtle.  Before Piggy is killed when Jack and Ralph are yelling at one another.  Ralph stands his ground in his shouting match with Jack while Jack relies on the group of boys behind him for his emotional support. "Jack had backed right against the tribe and they were a solid mass of menace that bristled with spears."  Jack is envious throughtout the story; this is part of what makes him the bully that he is.

adny14310 | Student

Ralph is chief and in charge of the boys on the island.He was elected leader by the boys, however Jack felt he should have been leader because he was head chorister.Initially, the boys are more supportive of Ralph because his main objectives are to keep them safe and get them rescued. The boys respect his leadership qualities because he actually listens to them.Jack wants the power Ralph possesses, especially his power of the conch.The conch is a symbol of authority and Jack is envious of Ralph's use of it amongst the group.

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