Anton Chekhov

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How does Ivan wish to spend his leisure time on the estate in "The Lottery Ticket" by Anton Chekhov?

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Ivan Dmitritch suggests he would spend twenty-five thousand on real estate, ten thousand on immediate expenses, and deposit forty thousand with the bank to earn interest. His wife agrees purchasing real estate is a good idea.

Ivan starts dreaming of how he would spend his time on the estate. During the summer, he sees himself healthy and well-fed. Ivan sees his children either playing in the sand or catching ladybirds in the grass. He envisions himself watching the peasants as they fish. He would later take a bath and have some tea with cream and milk rolls afterward. During autumn, he imagines strolling in his garden and along the river. After the walk, he will have some vodka with mushroom or cucumber. His children would bring a carrot and radish from the kitchen garden as he stretches himself on the sofa while reading an illustrated magazine or taking a nap.

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