In Lord of the Flies, how is the island portrayed when the boys come to the island, and how does it change as they start to become more savage?

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teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At the beginning of Lord of the Flies, the island is quite beautiful and mysterious.  When the boys come ashore, the jungle sprouts up all around the island and the boys get caught in the "creeper things."  However, after the boys become increasingly savage, the physical setting of the island changes also.  The weather grows harsh to mimic the tone of events in the novel.  At the end when the officers arrive and confront Ralph and the other boys as they run out of the jungle, the island is up in flames.  The brush is all burned, and the island, like the boys' sense of humanity, has been destroyed.  So, the physical setting of the story on the island symbolizes the nature of the characters.

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