How is Wordsworth a representative of Romantic Era, with reference to his poems "The Solitary Reaper" and "Tintern Abbey"?

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I would say that the poems identified help to establish Wordsworth as a Romantic poet because of his introduction and embedding of themes that became so closely identified with the movement.  The most primary of these would be the emphasis on subjectivity and the individual consciousness.  In "The Solitary Reaper," there is no way the reader can fully understand the song of the woman in the field without understanding the subjective experience of the speaker.  Doing so allows the reader to fully grasp their own subjective and personal experience and this is one of the foundational elements of the Romantic movement, in that the individual experience becomes critical in understanding both art and self.  At the same time "Tintern Abbey" follows this same pattern of lauding the subjective experience.  In this setting, Wordsworth is able to reflect on how he has changed, while the word (the external) has remained constant.  This evokes the idea that the subjective and personal experience is the only way to truly understand the nature of reality.

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