How is the worldview of the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks expressed in their forms of art?

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The ancient worldviews of the Egyptians and Greeks are expressed in many ways in their respective art. While Greece and Egypt were simultaneously populated and most likely interacting with one another throughout early history, the most renowned of Egyptian art is from well before that of Ancient Greece (the Egyptian Old Kingdom is dated 2613–2181 BCE). In Egypt we see art that combines the real and the supernatural, with animal gods playing roles in the world of man. This theology puts on display the common views held toward nature and the afterlife by Egyptian culture.

While Egyptian art would influence the cultures and societies of the Mediterranean well into the first millennium BCE, the societies and cultures of Ancient Greece emphasized a much different perspective through their art. Greek gods and religious figures also dominated artistic pursuits; however, north of the Mediterranean, these figures took on the forms of men and women. The myths that shaped Greek society highlight the flaws in character most commonly seen among humans themselves, for better and for worse. The emphasis on the role of human beings in the happenings of nature would usher in an artistic age focused on the individual. This focus is clear through beautiful artistic depictions of gods and goddesses in strikingly recognizable acts of man.

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