How is the theme of happiness depicted in the novel Fahrenheit 451?

The theme of happiness in Fahrenheit 451 is depicted as the pursuit of the wisdom to be found in humankind's great books, with the goal of using this wisdom to build a better world. Montag gradually comes to embrace this version of happiness as he rejects his society's shallow embrace of pleasure and conformity.

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Happiness in this novel is depicted as an appreciation of the intellectual challenge of reading, absorbing, and thinking about humanity's great books with the intention of using this accumulated wisdom to build a better world. This version of happiness emerges gradually through the consciousness of Montag. He comes to increasingly question his society's shallow definition of happiness when events in his life collide with and contradict what his culture tells him is true.

In his world, happiness is seen as the superficial, mindless pursuit of pleasure. As Beatty explains it, reflecting the orthodox viewpoint of his society, happiness comes when people are all the same. Standing out, being different, and asking too many why questions all lead to trouble and dissatisfaction. The smart kid is the one who is bullied and tormented. Therefore, the society has engineered itself so that nobody has to think or worry about big questions or the big picture. People can simply immerse themselves,...

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