How is the issue of widow inheritance discussed in the novel So Long a Letter?

Widow inheritance is discussed in So Long a Letter. Throughout the story Ramatoulaye struggles to both secure and protect her inheritance. For example, she has to fight for what is rightfully hers against her husband’s second wife. She also faces many men who want to marry her because of her money. She writes that this behavior makes her feel like an object, which prompts the reader to reflect on issues of female objectification and the impacts of patriarchal culture.

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There are several dimensions to the issue of widow inheritance in this text. I will provide a brief overview of how it is discussed to help get your started.

One of the main issues Bâ highlights is how difficult it is for widows to advocate for themselves and their property in the wake of a husband's death. For example, when Ramatoulaye’s husband Moudou was still alive, the couple opened a joint bank account and used it to take out a mortgage on an estate. But Moudou had a second wife, Binetou, who ended up living at the estate with her mother at the time of his death. Ramatoulaye and her...

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