How is the Giver influenced by his transfer of memories to Jonas?

The Giver is influenced by his transfer of memories to Jonas in several significant ways. The Giver is physically and emotionally influenced by the transfer of memories. The Giver feels exhausted after transferring the memories. The Giver also feels lighter, as if a weight has been lifted from him. He also feels relieved when Jonas receives difficult memories but feels guilty for hurting Jonas. The Giver also loses the ability to see in color and forgets past experiences.

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The Giver's primary goal is to transfer all of the world's memories of a past life before Sameness to Jonas before he dies in order to preserve knowledge and protect the community from intense emotions and experiences. This exchange of memories not only has a profound impact on Jonas's perspective and outlook on life but also influences the Giver in certain ways. The Giver is physically affected by transferring memories, which he tells Jonas is difficult and exhausting. Transmitting the memories consumes an enormous amount of energy from the Giver, and he is often exhausted and depleted following their training sessions.

The Giver also feels lighter, as if a weight has been lifted from his body after transferring a memory to Jonas. In many ways, Jonas's ability to receive the memories is therapeutic and lightens the Giver's burden of carrying the difficult, traumatic memories. Jonas receives the difficult memories of war, poaching, starvation, and death from the Giver, which helps to relieve the Giver's emotional burden. However, the Giver feels somewhat guilty for sharing difficult memories with Jonas and apologizes to him after giving him the memory of war.

In addition to feeling lighter, the Giver also gradually loses his unique ability to see in color. Since all of the past memories contain color, the more the Giver transfers them to Jonas, the less he retains his ability to see color. The Giver also loses the memories and forgets what past experiences were like after transferring them to Jonas. Once the Giver transfers the memories, Jonas is in sole possession of them, and the Giver no longer remembers the experiences.

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