How is the conflict of Kit's identity finally resolved in The Witch of Blackbird Pond?

In The Witch of Blackbird Pond, the conflict of Kit's identity is finally resolved when she feels she is a member of the Wood family and considers Connecticut to be as much her home as Barbados was. Part of the resolution comes from growing into adulthood. This growth involves overcoming hardships and finding Nat as her future husband.

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The Witch of Blackbird Pond recounts numerous changes that Kit undergoes after she moves from Barbados to Connecticut. The identity-related conflicts she experiences include such fundamental issues as family membership and knowing where her home is.

In her earlier Caribbean life, she had not fully understood the extent of her privilege, but rather saw her way of life as normal and took her many advantages for granted. When she joins the Woods, she feels like an outsider in someone else’s family, not like they all belong to the same family. Her lack of skills is combined with disrespect for work. Serious matters such as illness help Kit develop real affection and compassion for her relatives, and in turn, she accepts that there is no going back to her old way of life. She must also endure the travail of overcoming witchcraft accusations.

Kit’s acceptance of Connecticut as her home is also a significant aspect of her identity transformation. Her early attitude toward New England as cold was related to her sense of difference and isolation. She comes to appreciate the changing seasons, even the beauty of the snowy winters.

Friendship and courtship also play important roles in Kit’s growing into her new identity. The previously inconceivable idea of befriending a “witch” advanced along with befriending Nat. Although she initially saw the advantages of a match with William, she came to realize that financial security was not a solid basis for a successful marriage. As the novel ends, her upcoming marriage to Nat seems destined to provide a real partnership. She not only can be herself with him, but she will also be able to share her time between her two homes of Connecticut and Barbados.

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