Romeo and Juliet Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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How is the conflict in Romeo and Juliet relevant to today's society?

The conflict in Romeo and Juliet is as relevant today as it was back then because it represents several social issues and concepts which are still present in modern times, such as family feuds, true love, marriage, and suicide.

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Romeo and Juliet is a 1597 tragedy written by famed English poet and playwright William Shakespeare, who is commonly regarded as one of the most prominent and most celebrated writers in literature. The play tells the tragic story of two teenagers who fall in love with each other despite their feuding families.

Shakespeare incorporates several meaningful themes, such as the power of love, marriage, the existence of fate and destiny, the importance of family, loyalty, the consequences of hatred, and death. Some critics even argue that the popularity of the play is mainly due to Shakespeare's accurate prediction that these themes will forever be both socially and culturally relevant; as long as humans are capable of feeling love, anger, and sadness and as long as certain value systems and beliefs exist, the conflict in Romeo and Juliet will remain relevant and significant. People still believe in first love, and love can still drive people of all ages mad. Some still fear the reactions of their families, and families still wish to meddle in their children's lives and neglect their desires. Some are still forced to hide their love and risk their happiness and struggle with depression, and some still decide to take their own lives because they feel that they've lost the support of their families and that they cannot live without their loved ones. Prejudice and hatred are still present to this very day and people still fight for a variety of reasons—some meaningless and some meaningful, but all of them equally as damaging to everyone involved.

Furthermore, the idea that two people from opposing ends of a conflict can fall in love with each other, despite the circumstances, and the fact that this love can transcend all boundaries (even time), is a theme as universal and as eternal as love itself. It is present in every culture and every society, which is why it's also heavily featured in pretty much all forms of art and all genres of literature, film and music.

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