The Westing Game Questions and Answers
by Ellen Raskin

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How is the character of Sam a paradox in The Westing Game?

The character of Sam Westing in The Westing Game is a paradox because he represents the themes of the work in a seemingly self-contradictory way. These themes include family and inheritance. Despite being alive, he also holds a reading of his will and an inheritance competition.

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In Ellen Raskin's The Westing Game, eight pairs of characters compete in a clue-based competition to solve a mystery, as laid out in the will of millionaire Sam Westing. The competitor(s) to solve the clues will inherit Westing's fortune and company.

In literature, a paradox may go beyond the dictionary definition of the word as a concept or idea that self-contradicts. A literary paradox may represent the work's themes through the seemingly contradictory evidence.

In The Westing Game, themes include family as evidenced by the Wexler family participating in the...

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