How is technology toxic to society?

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The widespread use of technology has been beneficial in some respects, but it has also been toxic. In general, people love technology, so they might be unwilling to accept technology's negative impacts or change their behavioral patterns.

Smartphones have an adverse impact on many aspects of everyday life. As a teacher, I have to constantly remind students not to use their smartphones during class. Not using phones is much more than just another class rule, however. Smartphones are quintessentially distraction devices. They divert students' attention away from the task at hand. As some students furtively glance at their phones during class, they hinder their ability to retain new information. The majority of my students do not realize that smartphones are both pernicious and addictive. Smartphones also hamper communication at the family dinner table. Instead of asking about each other's day, family members are often engrossed in their smartphones. Smartphones also interfere with workers' productivity, and some companies have enacted strict policies regarding their use on the job. And finally, smartphones are expensive, and too many people spend too much money on acquiring the newest model.

Technology has not made the electorate more knowledgeable. Too many voters are not well-informed in contemporary issues. In addition, there were myriad fake news reports on Facebook during the 2016 presidential election, and many voters were deceived. Today, fewer people read newspapers and they often receive their news from tweets.

Technology makes children and adults less willing to exercise. Many children play addictive video games indoors instead of Nerf football outdoors with friends. Myriad apps enable one to get almost anything via home delivery, so there is no reason to leave the house anymore.

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