The Sniper Questions and Answers
by Liam O’Flaherty

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How is symbolism or suspense used to develop a theme in "The Sniper?" Answer with a complete paragraph (6-8 sentences). Explain a specific symbol or use of suspense, a specific theme, and how the symbol or suspense develops the theme.

Suspense is used to develop a theme that focuses on the consequences of war and combat.

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"The Sniper " is wonderfully suspenseful short story, and readers are immediately pulled into that suspense in the very first paragraph as it puts forth the setting to readers. We are told that darkness is quickly falling. Nighttime is always more suspenseful than daytime because there is a lack of vision; therefore, there is a great sense of the unknown. The author then tells readers about heavy guns roaring and machine guns and rifles cracking shots off. The first paragraph then ends with a very direct and to the point sentence. We are...

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