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How is symbolism, characterization, or setting used to develop a theme in "Montreal 1962?" Answer with a complete paragraph (6-8 sentences). Explain a specific symbol, setting, or characterization, a specific theme, and how the symbol, setting, or characterization develops the theme.

Symbolism is used to develop the theme of religious and cultural heritage in “Montreal 1962.” The symbol of the turban is developed to show how the female narrator values her Sikh and Indian heritage while living in Canada.

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In “Montreal 1962,” an unnamed female narrator imagines telling a story to her husband in response to his informing her of a potential employer’s proposed religious discrimination. The couple are Sikhs from India who have immigrated to Canada. The turban is an important item of men’s clothing that constitutes one of the key symbols of their Sikh faith. The wife’s loving attention to the turban represents her devotion to the Sikh faith that she and her...

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