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How is sociology helpful for a teacher?

Sociology can be helpful for a teacher by allowing them to think of each student on the individual level and cater the curriculum to what each students' needs are. Many social factors come into play when addressing how a student learns, and by addressing these factors it's possible for teachers to optimize education for their students.

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Although society and patterns of social interaction have always been the subjects of study, the academic study of sociology as a formal discipline began in the late-nineteenth century. The first university department (at the University of Chicago) and the American Journal of Sociology were both founded in the 1890s by Albion Small. The subject then became much more fashionable and widely studied in the 1960s.

This trajectory is almost exactly paralleled by the academic study of educational theory, and there is good reason for this. For most of human history, the skill of a teacher has generally been thought to lie in his/her grasp of the subject taught. The best teacher of geometry was the one who knew the most about geometry, and so forth. Informally, both students and teachers have always known that some teachers are better communicators than others, but this was not formally recognized and incorporated in teacher training.

Throughout the twentieth century, there was a growing recognition...

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