How is semiotics (the study of a system of signs to determine how symbolic meanings are created and transmitted through the use of words, concepts, images and so forth) used in the short story "The Silver Trout Fishing Network" by Yun Dae Nyeong?

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In the short story "The Silver Trout Fishing Network," semiotics is used to communicate the idea of destiny or fate. The selected symbol, the silver trout, is introduced at the same time that the audience is introduced to the narrator, inextricably linking the two from the moment the story begins. The narrator explains that his father returns from a successful fishing trip to discover his birth and pronounces that he will "take him trout fishing when he's old enough." Trout fishing becomes an integral part of the young narrator's life, as he accompanies his father every summer.

The recurrence of the silver trout throughout the story indicates an inability to escape one's destiny, especially to the narrator. The invitation from the Silver Trout Fishing Network is the initial catalyst in the narrator's adult life, causing him to delve deep into his past as he attempts to understand his immediate future. His discussion of the silver trout with a young model draws the two of them together almost magnetically. When they separate, the narrator puts on his fishing attire and examines himself in the mirror, using it as a way to return to himself. The Silver Trout Fishing Network is revealed to contain only members born in the same month and year as the narrator; even in a room full of other people, he is unable to escape himself. As the story draws to a close, the symbol of the silver trout becomes indistinguishable from reality as the narrator reunites with the model and surrenders to his past.

However, the narrator is not the only one who feels the pull of destiny. The model, upon her first meeting with the narrator, asks a number of questions about the silver trout, symbolizing her desire to know her own destiny. Later, she develops the Silver Trout Fishing Network, demonstrating her continued searching. She draws together people who share certain characteristics with her (and with the narrator) in the hopes that, as they move toward their destiny, she will find her way toward her own. Eventually, the narrator is drawn back into her reach, reuniting their destinies once more.

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