How is Papa viewed by the community in Purple Hibiscus?

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In Purple Hibiscus, the community views Papa as an upstanding man of God, a generous benefactor and a bastion of truth and free press.

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Ironically, Papa (also known as Eugene) is extremely highly regarded in his community. He is seen as an upstanding citizen, a generous benefactor, and a man of God. Unfortunately, behind closed doors, Papa's family has to deal with a very different side of this man.

For all the world to see, he is the perfect Catholic, paying painstaking attention to religious rituals, sitting in the front pew at every Mass, and being the first to receive communion, kneeling to do so. He is extremely generous to the church, paying for the communion wine and new ovens at the convent. He also sponsors a new wing at St. Agnes Hospital.

He is hailed as a hero for having used his newspaper to speak "the truth" during troubled political times, even though it meant the loss of advertising revenue. He is known by his community as a bastion of truth and free press.

Over and above this, Papa is known for his sizeable donations to various charities. There was even a "big story" about Papa receiving a human rights award. This was the only time that Papa, a man of seeming modesty, agreed to be featured in his own newspaper.

Papa has a close relationship with Father Benedict and shares his concern with the priest whenever a congregant misses communion two Sundays in a row. It is when his son, Jaja, skips communion that we start to realize what Papa is really like: violent, controlling, and abusive.

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