How is Odysseus intelligent in the Odyssey?

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One of the most understated, but important, examples of Odysseus's intelligence (metis, a combination of cunning and intelligence) is in book 3 when Nestor, known in The Iliad as the wisest of Agamemnon's counselors, tells Odysseus's son, Telemachus, about the Achaeans' disagreement over when to sail from Troy after Troy's destruction:

And all the time we were there, / not once did Odysseus and I, in assembly or council, / speak on opposite sides. We were both of one mind, / and we always agreed about how to advise the Achaeans. (3: 109–12)

That Nestor and Odysseus are always of one mind in matters of strategy speaks to Odysseus's intelligence in all matters requiring a strategic decision. Nestor, whose counsel Agamemnon relies upon completely, relies on the confirming counsel of Odysseus, a clear indication that the wisest among the Achaeans looks to Odysseus for intelligent counsel.

When, in book 6, Odysseus is washed up on the shore of the Phaeacians and encounters Nausicaa, the...

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