How is love and hate at the heart of the father/son relationship in "Fiesta, 1980."

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The relationship between Yunior and his father is difficult, to say the least. There is an unresolved tension at the heart of it which has almost Oedipal overtones. Yunior cordially loathes his father, resenting him deeply for his serial philandering and all-round macho attitude, which he finds repugnant. A relatively quiet and passive boy, Yunior takes after Mami, who displays the kind of subservience that one would expect from a mother according to the Oedipal model.

To make the situation even more complicated, Yunior is unsure of his identity, both sexual and cultural. As an uncle points out to him, a boy of his age back in the Dominican Republic would've been expected to have had his first sexual experience by now. That Yunior hasn't yet taken the plunge, as it were, is a testament not just to his crippling shyness, but also to his confused sexuality.

To a large extent, Papi's overbearing machismo, combined with Mami's weakness and subservience, is...

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