How is kinetic energy used in everyday life?

Kinetic energy is used in everyday life in activities like hearing or driving to work.

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Kinetic energy is the energy of motion, and it depends on both the mass and velocity of an object. Kinetic energy is all around us all of the time. If something is made of matter, it has mass. If that mass is moving, even a tiny bit, it has kinetic energy. When you throw a baseball or kick a soccer ball, you are giving that object some kinetic energy. When you walk across the street, you have kinetic energy. A cell phone that vibrates has kinetic energy.

The question asks how kinetic energy is used in everyday life, so one way to answer the question is to simply think about things in "everyday life" that are moving. I use the kinetic energy present in my car to get to work. If that example sounds too mundane and simple, then think about the human body itself. When you consume food, that food is broken down into simpler and simpler components that allow your cells to do cellular respiration in order to produce ATP energy. That particular chemical potential energy is used to make your heart beat. The beating heart propels blood throughout the body, and because the blood is moving and has mass, it has kinetic energy.

Sound is another good example of kinetic energy. Sound is created through vibrations. Vocal cords vibrate, which vibrates the air, and those compressions and rarefactions move through the air until they vibrate a listener's ear drum, ear bones, and fluid within the cochlea. The kinetic energy of the original vibration is simply transferred from object to object.

Thermal energy is also a form of kinetic energy. Thermal energy is heat energy, and it is generated through the motion of atoms/molecules. In fact, taking the temperature of something is a way of measuring the kinetic energy of that particular thing. Anytime that you check the temperature of your house, the outside air, the pool, or the meat that you are cooking on the barbeque, you are essentially checking the amount of kinetic energy present.

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