Heart of Darkness Questions and Answers
by Joseph Conrad

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How is Heart of Darkness a story of man's adventure?

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Joseph Conrad's classic novella can be viewed as a story of man's adventure, which is illustrated by Marlow's thrilling journey and enlightening experience traveling into the unknown depths of the Congolese jungle to meet the engimatic, maniacal Kurtz. Marlow's expedition can certainly be described as an adventure as he faces numerous obstacles, witnesses shocking events, and experiences unexpected horrors in the unknown Congolese jungle.

In addition to Marlow's physical journey, he also experiences a psychological adventure into the depths of the human heart. As Marlow leaves civilized Europe, he becomes aware of civilization's facade after arriving at the appalling Inner Station. He eventually meets the maniacal Kurtz, whose...

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rmjengi | Student

The Heart of Darkness is actually the story of two men's adventures. Joseph Conrad works very hard in developing Marlowe as a narrator and a well traveled sailor as he goes into the African Congo but by the same token, he also develops Kurtz as a strong supporting character as we begin to understand his role as the chief of the stations where the African natural resource of ivory was trafficked. Marlowe's constant urge to find and talk with Kurtz as Kurtz becomes the epitome of the governing power in the Congo of Africa and all that that entailed including its ivory, its women, and Kurtz's eventual death. So, it's double adventure and one well to be enjoyed by the reader.