How is femininity depicted in There There?

In There There, femininity is often depicted in terms of displacement and trauma. Opal and Jacquie leave their home for Alcatraz. Then, they leave Alcatraz to stay with Ronald. Then, they escape Ronald for the shelter. The displacement links to trauma, which seems to follow the girls. Yet we shouldn't omit the resilience and strength of the females in There There. Jacquie has the resilience to stay sober, and Opal has the strength to defend her half-sister from Ronald.

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In There There, Tommy Orange seems to depict femininity in terms of trauma, hardship, displacement.

Let's talk about Jacquie and Opal. The half-sisters are constantly displaced. They move from their house to Alcatraz. On Alcatraz, Jacquie meets Harvey. Harvey causes Jacquie trauma when he rapes her. The trauma leads to further displacement when Jacquie chooses not to raise the baby but to let someone else adopt it.

Back to the island. Eventually, the girls leave the island (more displacement) and...

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