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How is Duffy's poetry collection The World's Wife a product of or a reaction to its time period? How does it under represent or over represent certain societal groups?

The World's Wife is largely shaped by criticisms of patriarchal norms and values that were central to the second wave feminist movement of the late 21st century. It challenges cultural narratives about women by retelling popular stories from a feminine perspective. However, the stories she chooses to retell are mostly European or Christian, meaning that they may not bear as much relevance to women from other cultures or experiences.

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The World's Wife is a poetry collection published by Carol Anne Duffy in 1999. The poems are essentially retellings of popular stories and fairy tales from a woman's perspective. Women are missing from the original stories in some of these poems like "Pygmalion's Bride," but other poems like "Mrs. Beast" call to question the way women are represented in cultural narratives. The collection's works have meaning in many contexts, but it is especially important to evaluate them within the purview of women's status in the late 21st century. (Especially in Great Britain, where Duffy lived when she...

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