How is demographic segmentation used in consumer marketing?

In consumer marketing, demographic segmentation is used to craft relevant messaging for a diverse audience.

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At its most basic level, demographic segmentation refers to the practice of dividing a target audience into groups.

These groups can be segmented by age, gender, income level, country, and occupation. As many brands increase their online presence, website structure segmentation has become the new normal. Take, for example, a fashion brand like Gucci. It divides its website into various categories, catering to men, women, children, and nonbinary individuals.

The section for women is further divided into categories for home decor, ready-to-wear clothing, accessories, shoes, handbags, and gifts. Each of these categories also comes with subcategories.

Meanwhile, another brand like Ford segments according to types of vehicles. This is also another way of segmenting according to income (without being explicit about it). On the site, you'll find links for anything from performance vehicles (exclusive models with premium features and higher price tags) to used cars (economy options with lower price tags). You'll also find commercial and fleet vehicles.

So, by segmenting its website structure, Ford can offer vehicles to a wide range of clientele, from businesses to individuals. It can also target customers with a range of incomes and occupations. Another way the car manufacturer uses segmentation to cater to a particular audience is by including a "future vehicles" link.

The messaging in this section targets an audience with sophisticated tastes and a predilection for smart technology and enhanced fuel economy in vehicles. In particular, the call-to-action for the 2021 Bronco jeep addresses outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for the ultimate wilderness experience.

A click on the "future vehicles" link will take you to a page with descriptions for seven models of the 2021 Bronco. In all, demographic segmentation allows businesses to target a diverse audience and increase its conversion rates.

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