How is Chris McCandless prepared when he heads out in the wild? In Into the Wild, many wrote in about Chris's death saying that he was ignorant and not prepared. They wrote in saying that he was a nut, a kook, and was not prepared. I am writing a paper on why Chris is courageous, and part of that is how he's prepared before or while going to live in nature.

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Many have criticized Chris McCandless for being foolhardy and unprepared for his sojourn in the Alaskan wilderness. The subject would not have been so hotly debated where there was not truth in that claim.

However, as Krakauer states openly in his book, he identifies with and is sympathetic to Chris. He builds a strong case that while Chris did make some risky moves, it was bad luck more than his own foolishness that did him in.

One point Krakauer makes is that Chris deliberately refused to take too many precautions. Yes, he could have gone out in a Winnebago armed with every safety device and precaution known to humankind and stacks upon stacks of food, but that would have defeated Chris's purpose. Chris wanted to test himself and face nature as simply as possible to see how well he would do surviving with the bare minimum. For example, while he was much criticized for not taking him the map that could have led him to safety, his desire wasn't to know where everything was: at that...

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