How is Abigail Williams manipulative in The Crucible?

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Arthur Miller describes Abigail Williams as having an "endless capacity for dissembling," and she proceeds to manipulate the town's authority figures while rising to the top of Salem’s social hierarchy. Abigail initially displays her manipulative personality in act one by shifting the blame to Tituba and accusing her of conjuring spirits. Although Abigail drank blood in an attempt to put an evil spell on Elizabeth, she blames Tituba for forcing her to participate in the ritual before and accusing Sarah Good, Goody Osburn, and Bridget Bishop of witchcraft. Abigail cleverly manipulates Salem's authority figures to avoid being punished for dancing in the woods.

Abigail once again displays her manipulative nature by threatening the girls to corroborate her story and accusing Elizabeth of attempted murder. After witnessing Mary Warren craft a poppet in court, Abigail proceeds to stab herself with a needle and makes it seem like Elizabeth used the poppet as a malevolent voodoo doll. Abigail...

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