How the invention of refrigerator benefited the people so far?    

Expert Answers
gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Refrigerators allow us to store food and other perishable items for longer time duration. This has several implications. Perhaps the most important is that refrigeration cuts down on the occurrence of food born disease because food stays fresh and safe longer and with greater ease.

We no longer have to buy fresh perishable items, such as dairy products (milk, eggs, cheese, ice cream etc.), vegetables, fruits, etc. every day. We can prepare large quantities of food materials and can also procure large amounts of perishable items. This saves money and resources, and also cuts down on the wastage due to spoilt food items. This also helps us plan for future groceries and cooking, in our day to day life. Cold storage of food products also ensures year-round availability of a lot of products. Refrigeration also ensures the long-distance transport of perishable items, making them available to people living far away.

Another advantage of refrigerator is the cold water and ice it provides, especially during the summer months. This provides us relief from heat. 

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